To all the new arrivals here, a little point, some explanations on what you will find there.

Here we are talking about SCRAPBOOKING DIGITAL


This is a way of decorating photos using digital images, with the computer.

Created PAGES (LAYOUTS) are either stored in computers, printed for display, or published in photo books.


I am Simplette, creator of digiscrap kits, that is to say that I create images, I associate them to create PACKS where they are grouped by topic and / or by color, That constitutes then A KIT.

I sell my SCRAP KITS and my COLLECTIONS in specialized shops

My particularity is that I create most of the images I use. I take pictures, isolate the elements I need, I edit, I draw (by hand or with a digital tablet directly in the computer), that’s why many of my creations are sold for COMMERCIAL USE (I sell them with a commercial license so that they can be bought by other creators of SCRAP KITS). Obviously, who can do it the least, all my creations sold in COMMERCIAL USE can be used for your PERSONAL USE.
 Another of my particularities is that I create on demand, around particular photos. An example : you have children, Mother’s Day approaches, you want to please both grannies by offering them a beautiful picture of their grandchildren. I create for you two sets in which your photos will be inserted. The decorations can be made “to measure” with the tastes and colors of each family, so that the final object (a photo canvas, a poster, a frame) can be integrated into their interior and sublimate the photo.

Here we are talking about SCRAPBOOKING DIGITAL

The purchase procedure in digital scrapbooking shops is always the same : you choose your kits, put them in the basket, validate your purchases and recover files to download (usually in .zip format)

The .zip format makes it possible to transfer several files (all the images) in a single folder (like that you download all at one time). You will need a “dezipper” software. The most used (because free and powerful) is WINRAR.

Once unzipped, you will have the KIT folder with all the images that compose it: background papers (in .jpg) and elements (in .png) which are on a transparent background to be superimposed.

You will then need an image editing software dedicated or not to scrap : Photoshop (the must of professionals), The Gimp (equivalent and free), Studioscrap (a simple search on the internet and you will find your happiness)

Then, free to create, superimpose …. to beautify your photos. First put a background paper, paste on your photos, then your elements. Little by little, you will become accustomed and create beautiful pages, with shadows, inclusions, “clustering” (short decorations) … you will progress from day to day and will not spend more of this art!

And if you do not have the time, you can not do it, are not satisfied by your creations ?

There are  QUICK PAGES, CLUSTERS and STACKED PAPERS in shops that will solve these problems : download these already worked items, insert your photo and you’re done !

You can see some samples of layout on my gallery or more on facebook | at Pickleberrypop | at Oscraps


the collection used as decoration for this page is “Cottage Garden” by Simplette