“Breathtaking” a majestic collection

Digital collection inspired by the great snowy landscapes

Inspired by the great snowy landscapes, this collection will create a haven of calm and peace around your favorite photos. Its deep and natural colors will sublimate the beauty of all your creations.

Available in store

The digital collection of scrapbooking  is available for sale in my two stores

The collection is composed of 8 packs, and for the purchase of all, I offer you an additional quick page as a gift. You will find:

  • 77 items
  • 16 papers
  • 4 decorated frames
  • 5 embellishments
  • 8 accents
  • 23 word labels + the template to make your own
  • a quick 4-page album with masks
  • + the quick page as a bonus gift

A gift to download for free

The pack I prefer in this collection is surely the pack of accents,they give a “dreamy” effect to all the pages: their vaporous and foggy side will allow you fabulous layouts. And you will see to the use of the collection as the elements fit together on their own with great ease. It is a majestic collection to use without moderation.

To enter this collection and start dreaming, download this background paper for free.

How about you? what do you like best about collections?

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