A winter collection

A new collection of digiscrap on the theme of winter

With the cool temperatures and foggy mornings, I wanted to create a winter collection: “Wintry Weather” is a digiscrap collection with soft colors and muted contrasts, like a landscape when it snows.

Available in store

The digiscrap collection is available for sale in my two stores


 I love the atmosphere that emerges from this collection: the frost, the lightness of the background papers, which can be accentuated by the accents, very soft, that I added …   I particularly enjoyed creating the cards, I included stamps, pieces of landscape, a little writing and some strokes.


I always appreciate having cards in a digiscrap collection, for several reasons:

  • they beautifully dress the background of a traditional page by putting a little relief,
  • they can be printed on cardstock and used as postcards or greeting cards,
  • they can be included in a planner or bullet journal, printing them as they are or including them in page backgrounds.

As you can see, I really like cards.

A gift to download for free

Here is an example of background paper made from this pack of cards, I only juxtaposed them on a white background and added some accents on top. Use this paper as a background for your creations or print it. It can then be cut or torn off to be included in your hybrid creations or in your planners, junkpapers or bullets.

How about you? what do you like best about collections?

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