Conditions of use for designs distributed under PU license

  • You may use this product for your own Personal use.
  • You may use this product to create projects or layouts on behalf of a client (ie. Scrap for Hire or Scrap for Others).
    • Note: Each S4H or S4O client must purchase every product used.
  • You may not use one product for multiple S4H/S4O projects.
  • You may not use this product for any commercial or for profit use.
  • You may not claim as your own, even if altered, resized, recolored or as part of a layout, page or cluster.
  • These terms are the same for freebies as well as purchased products.
  • This product cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own (even for free).
  • This product cannot be used in any project or product offered for sale.



Use purchased product for your own personal blog using flattened JPG or PNG files.
Sell or provide blog templates or designs for non-personal blogs and blogs you do not own.
Create scrapbook pages or layouts, and create other, printable, crafts for your own personal use or to give as gifts in flattened JPG or PNG files.
Give away or sell any product created with the designs. This includes downloads (like clusters or Quick Pages) on your blog, as well as any project or printable to be sold in a store like Etsy or Ebay or in any other venue.
Create S4H or S4O projects with personal use products for one client.
Create S4H/S4O projects for multiple clients
with one purchased product.
 However, if you still have questions about a particular use not described in my TOU, do not hesitate to contact me