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How to use « Page masks » – L’utilisation des « Page masks »

Régulièrement, je publie des packs de « page masks » (masques de page) en usage commercial… Mais qu’est-ce donc ? et comment s’en servir ? Tout d’abord, voici à quoi cela ressemble – Regularly, I publish packs of « page masks » for commercial use … But what is it? and how to use it? First of all, here’s what it looks like

[TUTO] How to use embellishments packs – Comment utiliser les packs d’embellissements

This tutorial to show you how to use embellishments packs. In most of my collections, I include clusters and embellishments (non framed clusters). They are typically very flowery and have different shapes : long, vertical, horizontal, corners… to help you in the composition of your pages. Here is a page I made with only 3…